Pavilion "Taste of Japan"

ProWein 2019 will surely be the place for new experiences. We are pleased to present new Japanese wines and sake! Discover the charms of Koshu wines with Masayoshi Kudo, a chief winemaker of the awards winning brand “GRANDE POLAIRE”, and Anthony Rose, one of the most famous British wine journalists! Taste mouth-watering sake from the Kochi prefecture, and find new vessels to enjoy wine and sake! Last but not least, learn more about the Sakura Japan Women's Wine Award, Japan's most international wine award. Click here for the tasting seminar schedule!

MDJ is proud to present at the 2019 "Taste of Japan" pavilion:


Arimitsu Sake Brewery

Arimitsu is small sake brewery in Kochi Prefecture in Shikoku, established 1903. We brew sake in the traditional way and, to cherish the natural taste of sake, we bottled without filtration.
It is important how a sake smells and tastes , but Arimitsu knows it's the most important for a sake to calm your mind and heart. When you drink AKITORA , please feel your heart relaxed.




Travel Cup Series - Unbreakable and reusable, our travel cups look great and fit comfortably in any hand. When you travel, throw it in a bag. You can enjoy your favourite beverage in style.
NAGAE Ltd. is a comprehensive manufacturer of diverse metal goods in Japan, mixing Japanese traditional touch with modern twist. We specialize in casting aluminium but also handle all kinds of metals such as tin, brass and zinc.


Sakura Japan Womens' Wine Award

The Sakura Japan Women’s Wine Awards 2019 is the biggest International wine competition in Japan.  This competition is judged exclusively by female wine specialists and has three aims in Japan: “to contribute in stimulating the wine market in Japan”, “to help make elections on pairing wine with Japanese cuisine” and “to increase opportunities for women to work in the wine industry”. We hope that your support will help expand the women’s role in the wine industry and help energize the wine industry.
In 2019, the awards were selected among 4,326 items from 34 countries after the tasting assessment held from Jan.29th to Jan.30th, 2019.


Sapporo Breweries - GRAND POLAIRE

It’s not too long ago that Japan appeared on the landscape of wine-producing countries. But in the last years, Japanese wines have made an impressive development and started to win prices and awards in international wine competitions. At the Decanter World Wine Awards 2018 alone, there were 68 wines from Japan awarded. Among them, four wines were from the Grande Polaire portfolio. With Grande Polaire, Sapporo aims at the highest standards: wines with rich terroir, that can only be produced in Japan.
At ProWein 2019, Sapporo presents at the “Taste of Japan” pavilion four Grande Polaire wines, each from a different grape and different location. Discover the charms of Grande Polaire wines at our seminars with the chief winemaker Masayoshi KUDO and Anthony Rose, one of Great Britain’s most famous wine journalists.


Tosa Brewing Company

For 142 years since our founding in 1877, Tosa Brewing Company have manufactured high quality sake in beautiful nature that blessed with abundant water and clean air from mountains in nothern Kochi-prefecture. Brewery is sorrounded with a serene natural environment near the Sameura Lake which is called a water source in Shikoku. We are brewing sake with locally grown rice and high-quality soft water and has won IWC 2016 sparkling sake trophy award with Sparkling Sake "John".


Our Grande Polaire wine tasting seminars are scheduled as follows:

March 17, 2019: 11:00 & 14:00
March 18, 2019: 11:00 & 14:00
March 19, 2019: 11:00

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